Active and Associate Membership

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In the PNOA, membership is divided into two categories: Active and Associate:

Active Membership is open to any officer or official that can enforce the drug laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by effecting a lawful arrest.

Associate Membership is available to all those that are involved in the legal or judicial system of Pennsylvania but do not have powers of arrest.

The PNOA wants to be the guardian of your professional interests in drug law enforcement. The Association’s effectiveness and longevity, however, is directly related to its membership. Personal involvement and commitment by our members is needed in order to maintain this young, thriving and continually growing Association. Accordingly, we would like for you to join us so that as an Association, we can utilize your professional accomplishments for the betterment of all, especially those who are sure to follow.

The annual dues of $25.00 includes a modest insurance policy for it’s active members in ‘good standing.’ In order to maintain this coverage, it is necessary that annual dues be paid before April 15th of each calendar year. Please note, associate members do not qualify for this life insurance policy.

The PNOA does not sell its membership list. We have stood by this commitment to our members since the inception of the PNOA. Your application will remain confidential.

Life Insurance Policy
For those ACTIVE/RETIRED* members who haven't received a copy of the life insurance policy, please send an email to

*If you are a retired officer you can maintain your membership and still receive the life insurance policy and be considered an active member.